Developing an online jewelry store
The online jewelry store Zbird is a well-established and fairly well-known brand in Ukraine, which has in its range wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants and collections of exclusive jewelry. The site has a convenient feature for selecting a diamond to decorate and create jewelry to your liking.
Development of an online store for the pizzeria website
Pizzeria SalePape is a place where you can taste unique pizza made from dough according to original, secret recipes with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Also, the pizzeria has its delivery service. The site has the opportunity to order any pizza by selecting the size and ingredients.
Landing page development for a marketing program
Software development and implementation company for the marketing software bonus program Positive. This program offers a wide range of business marketing solutions, in particular, such as: long check, family ticket, coupon code, single bonus system, internal cashless payment.
Development of an online store of spare parts for technology
Online store of spare parts for construction, agricultural and road machinery Solid-e is a wide selection of new and used parts for machinery. The store offers in addition to spare parts for individual components and assemblies, as well as engines assembled by well-known world brands. The store is easy to use and search for the necessary goods.
Development of an online clothing store for men
Online clothing store for men Fashion-Ua, positions itself as a store of stylish clothes, with an intuitive interface, and high quality customer service. In the Fashion-UA store, a large assortment of goods for men, such as jackets, coats, jeans, t-shirts, accessories for men and shoes.
Development of an online store of equipment for automatic irrigation
Online store equipment manufacturers for automatic irrigation systems. Also, the company offers related services in the field of landscape design and territory refinement. The site has an intuitive interface that allows the user to easily find the product he needs. In the store Poliv-UA, a large assortment of goods for landscape design, which are necessary for both retail and wholesale customers.
Development of online store of grain and ground coffee and tea
The online store of freshly roasted natural ground and grain coffee, as well as various types of tea, is a great place to please yourself and your loved ones with the wonderful aroma of our favorite drink. The main goal of Magiccoffee is to instil in Ukrainians a culture of coffee making, and drinking this wonderful drink, providing the best, highest quality grades. Magiccoffee is your guide to the aromatic world of the best coffees.
Development of an online store of natural cosmetics from Thailand
The online store of natural cosmetics from Thailand, Plumeria, is positioning itself as a supplier of cosmetics of famous brands in Thailand, Japan and Korea. The quality of the goods that are in the store's assortment is confirmed by certificates from the countries of the cosmetics manufacturers, as well as by the feedback from a huge number of customers. The company carries out direct deliveries.
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