Creating a website is only the first step on the path to realizing Your goals in Internet business. No matter site card You are, corporate website, online shop or a complex individual project, such as a portal. In either case, You'll need technical support, services, and maintenance of the site after its development. Technical support of the site, it is no less important stage in its development and formation.

How would qualitatively have not developed a website in the process of working with it users or administrators, there are always questions and the need for consultation to work with the site. Therefore, we are always ready to offer our customers high quality services support and advice on any issues with the site.

Support and maintenance of sites, is one of the priorities of the web Studio idea Solution. Any of the developed project, we continue to maintain and support after delivery to the customer. The cost of technical support of Internet sites developed by our web Studio, enter the cost of creating the site. Therefore, further site maintenance, free. This does not apply to the development of additional functionality to the sites, in this case, the cost is calculated separately.

We provide comprehensive services for maintenance and support of the sites created not us. In this case, to determine the cost of maintenance, necessary to analyze the website, its technical components, the definition of CMS (engine) which created the website, checking it on presence or absence of technical errors in the code and overall performance.

Most important when choosing a developers Internet site, it is to understand that the most valuable is not what created the site does not will need technical support and will work without any glitches and complaints, it is important how quickly and accurately will react to support the web Studio to Your questions, or technical failure of Your website.

We guarantee that whatever the needs of our clients to work with the site, we are happy to provide quality and comprehensive support and high-quality support and comprehensive servicing of the Internet site that we have created and or lead. And most importantly, You do not need to know the cost of maintenance of the site because we provide free technical support website.

Comprehensive service and support site, free support site
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Developing an online jewelry store
The online jewelry store Zbird is a well-established and fairly well-known brand in Ukraine, which has in its range wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants and collections of exclusive jewelry. The site has a convenient feature for selecting a diamond to decorate and create jewelry to your liking.
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Long-term cooperation
Our web-Studio cares about its reputation and its customers. We are committed to long term relationships and a holistic approach. So it is always ready to provide technical, consulting, and marketing assistance.

80% of our clients are permanent. They return to us with new projects and tasks that we are successfully implementing joint efforts. You will provide support in dealing with extraordinary challenges.
200+ successful projects
Our team consists of professionals with more than 200 successful projects. We offer only those solutions that guarantee results for your specific business.
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Want to be aware of how to work on your project? We regularly provide all reports in detail and explain their contents. You will be able to monitor the work on your project.
Openness to dialogue
Our objective is to help you in business development, offering the only effective solution. In the case that some variant will not give you a guaranteed result - we will say about it.